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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
Opposition, a man of a fair character. Earle was formerly a dependent on the Duke of Argyll, is of remarkable covetousness and wit, which he has dealt out largely against the Scotch and the Patriots. It was a day of much expectation, and both sides had raked together all probabilities: I except near twenty, who are in town, but stay to vote on a second question, when the majority may be decided to either party. Have you not read of such in story ? Men, who would not care to find themselves on the weaker side, contrary to their intent. In short, the determined sick were dragged out of their beds : zeal came in a great-coat. There were two vast dinners at two taverns, for either party; at six we met in the House. Sir William Yonge, seconded by my uncle Horace3, moved for Mr. Earle: Sir Paul Methuen4 and Sir Watkyn Williams Wynne5 proposed Dr. Lee— and carried him, by a majority of four: 242 against 238— the greatest number, I believe, that ever lost a question. You have no idea of their huzza! unless you can conceive how people must triumph after defeats for twenty years together. We had one vote shut out, by coming a moment too late ; one that quitted us, for having been ill-used by the Duke of Newcastle but yesterday—for which, in all probability, he will use him well to-morrow—I mean, for quitting us. Sir Thomas Lowther6, Lord Hartington's uncle, was fetched down by him, and voted against us. Young Eoss7,
signed on the disgrace of his patron, Lord GranvOle. He was afterwards designed by the Prince of Wales for his first minister, and immediately on the Prince's death, was appointed Treasurer to the Princess Dowager, and soon after made Dean of the Arches, a Knight and Privy Counsellor. Walpole.
s Horatio Walpole (1698-1757), younger brother of the Prime Minister ; or. (June 4, 1756) Baron Walpole of Wolterton, Norfolk; sometime Ambassador at Paris and at
the Hague; Cofferer of the Household, 1780-41; M.P. for Norwich.
* Sir Paul Mefchuen, K.B., sometime Secretary of State; d. 1757.
5 Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, third Baronet (d. 1749), a leader of the Jacobites in the House of Commons.
0 Second Baronet, of Holker, Lancashire; m. Lady Elizabeth Cavendish, second daughter of second Duke of Devonshire; d. 1745.
7 Charles Eoss, killed in Manders, at the battle of Fontenoy, 1745. Wai-